Chapter 5 – Irony

When we got back to Texas, I called my mom and told her all about the school and that I really wanted to go there.  She said, “It’s funny that you should mention that because..…I was talking with my good friend, Betty, who lives there, and I’ve already decided to move there too!”  Hmm, coincidence?  She then reminded me of a Mrs. Eads who had told me a few years ago that she thought I should look into ORU because she saw me going there.  I had blown her off the moment “Tulsa, Oklahoma” rolled off her tongue.  Now things weren’t starting to sound so coincidental.

“There’s something else I should tell you,” my mom said. “Your dad was driving from Washington to Florida to look for work when he got caught in some tornado weather.  He’s been staying at Roger and Betty’s.  He’s in Tulsa.”  Now that’s definitely not coincidence – that’s irony.  I hadn’t spoken to my dad in almost a year, I didn’t even have his phone number, and now we were going to be living in the same town, my mom included?

So…a family reunion, eh?  This, of course, didn’t mean much to me at the time, being absorbed with my own newfound independence.  But I’d come to appreciate it later.

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